My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 200

Day 200 was quite the day.

We got everything ready this morning for the pest treatment. Then sat around waiting for the guys to get here.

Eventually, they did. We headed out to get lunch at In n Out. I only had a Double Double protein style with no onion. Protein style is their lettuce wrap. I enjoyed it, and only wished I had ordered another. 🙂

After lunch we headed off to Alviso, Ca, for a Pokemon Go Ex Raid.

We tried to kill some time there, but eventually headed back home. It was around 2:15 pm. The maintenance guys would be here around 3 to get the wall sockets back in place.

I tried getting the place all set back home before my wife headed home. I had to finish quick so I could get ready for bowling.

Bowling did no go so well. I did not sleep well last night. Then with all that went on today, I think I was just not on my game.

We all did survive though. Time to get back to moving in and unpacking everything.


07/18 MyFitnessPal – 1954 Calories, 19 net carbs (13 if you subtract the Erythritol) I did eat in my 11-6 eating window. 

Well, I forgot to wear my watch to bed again. I had it charging, then was talking to my older son about all the things we had to do today. Then went to bed. I figured I would just not bother getting back out of bed to get it. Of course, I slept horribly. Woke up more then a few times, and getting settled was a problem. Brain would wake up to think more, and it was too warm for my liking. I hope tonight is a good sleep. I did get to bed on time, I also got my reading in. I am enjoying the Bobiverse books. 


I think Friday calls for pizza day. I also want to get some chicken made to have for next week. I’ve also have plenty of things to still unpack.

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