My Journey to a Healthy Me Days 209-211

It is Monday, so time for the week in review. First though, I need to cover my weekend.

Saturday on the drive to bowling, I ate a quest bar, fat bomb, and quest nacho tortilla chips. Shortly after that though, we stopped to eat. Traffic was building up a little, and I needed gas anyway. We went to habit burger. I was feeling the hunger, so I got the Santa Barbara Cobb salad (no avocado), plus I double char burger lettuce wrapped. It was very good. I didn’t quite finish the salad, because I was really full. It wasn’t that long ago I ate the other stuff. Putting in the numbers to my fitness pal, I pretty much reached my calorie macros. I had room for one more fat bomb later. I ate that before I went off to bowling.

I bowled really well. No real complaints. I was leaving lots of 10 pins to start off, but was eventually able to carry more strikes.

After bowling, I went to McDonald’s to grab my son some food for dinner. I was already feeling a bit hungry, and this stuff smelled good. I did not eat any of the McDonald’s at though. Back at the room, I caved in and decided I could handle a couple of my cookies, sunflower seeds, and some pork cracklins. I would fail on the IF eating times, but I thought this would be ok. Plus, I would be higher calories.

In the past, I have mentioned that sometimes I can get into a feeding frenzy. It makes me think of how Sharks are. That blood in the water can send them into this ongoing feeding frenzy that they can’t stop. This is how I felt. I ended up eating all the cookies I brought, all the fat bombs, and finished off the bag of my pork cracklins. I didn’t eat all the food I brought, but I ate a lot, and late into the evening. I was still tracking in myfitnesspal, but eventually I stopped that too.

I did read some that night, but Remember the Titans was coming on. My son was watching, and I started too. That meant I didn’t get to sleep till almost 1:30 am.

Sunday, I ate a quest bar before bowling. So ate outside my eating window. Though, this was sort of acceptable to me, because I would be bowling soon. I bowled decent enough. Not as good as the previous day, but above my average.

Then the long drive home. We stopped at a Jack in the box. I had a lettuce wrapped burger. I had other stuff in the car to finish off. Sunday night wasn’t as bad as Saturday. I did eat a little after my eating window, because of the time I got home.

Week Summary

I am happy with the results this week. I was worried my day of eating this weekend would have really messed me up. It seems to have been OK though.

Weight Loss

Down to 285 lbs. That is 5.3 lbs gone this week, and 82.6 lbs since January 1st. I very much did not expect this. Though it may be a couple of days for this Saturday’s eating binge to settle in.


07/23 MyFitnessPal – 1886 Calories, 26 net carbs (10 net carbs if you subtract the erythritol (4g) and Allulose (12g)) IF done
07/24 MyFitnessPal – 1865 Calories, 14 net carbs (11 taking out the erythritol) IF done
07/25 MyFitnessPal – 1642 Calories, 27 net carbs (15 net carbs when you subtract allulose and erythritol) IF done
07/26 MyFitnessPal – 1742 Calories, 16 net carbs IF done
07/27 MyFitnessPal – 1729 Calories, 17 net carbs (14 minus the erythritol) IF done
07/28 MyFitnessPal – only partially tracked No IF done
07/29 MyFitnessPal – 1730 Calories,  21 net carbs (19 minus the erythritol) IF partially done.

Still, not too bad this week, even though Saturday was a problem. At least it was with keto foods 🙂


07/23 – 12:32 am to 6:46 am. 5 hrs 48 mins. 16 x awake for 26 mins. Reading done.
07/24 – 12:30 am to 8:00 am. 7 hrs 1 min. 16 x awake for 29 mins. Reading done.
07/25 – 12:19 am to 7:41 am. 6 hrs 48 mins. 10 x awake for 34 mins. Reading done.
07/26 – 12:21 am to 7:54 am. 6 hrs 56 mins. 16 x awake for 37 mins. Reading done.
07/27 – 12:22 am to 7:42 am. 6 hrs 37 mins. 11 x awake for 43 mins. Reading done.
07/28 – 1:20 am to 8:22 am. 6 hrs 30 mins. 14 x awake for 32 mins. Reading done.
07/29 – 12:35 am to 8:23 am. 7 hrs. 20 x awake for 48 mins. No reading.

I am having more days were I am not awake so much at night. Maybe I am settling in better at the new place.

This week

More moving in. I have some items I want to focus on. Plus, the faster I get these done, the faster I can start up exercise, and building some Voltron Lego I just got 🙂

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