My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 212

This post is coming late, but I need to get it in.

Yesterday, I finally got to try the Quest frozen pizza.

I liked it. It very much tasted like a typical frozen pizza to me. I’d love to try out the supreme version, and see if that is also good. This is a good alternative to my chicken crusted pizza. Huge convenience wise 😉 They are a little pricey though, but they have been flying off the shelves at Target.

Today I have been back to my normal self. Money is tight these next couple of weeks, so I need to be hitting the freezer to figure out some meals for myself. Not too much of an issue though.


The day went fine. I had the pizza, but tried to watch my carbs for the rest of the day. There are a lot of fiber carbs in that pizza. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t hitting some max carb limit. Even if the net carbs were lower.

Bowling in league went decent as well. It is the sport shot league, so it is expected that you bowl sort of bad. haha.

07/30 MyFitnessPal
 – 1726 Calories, 16 net carbs. IF was done.  


11:56 pm to 6:57 am. 6 hrs 4 mins. 12 x awake for 57 mins. I think my fitbit started counting a little early. I did get my reading done, before bed. I did try sleeping while the wife had the tv on. I just couldn’t do it, so I had that big delay before I actually got to sleep.


I am mostly going to focus on getting more items done around the house. I need to get cooking too. I might have to look up a few recipes, just for meats I have in the freezer.

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