My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 217

One more week in the books. I haven’t exactly been finishing off this week very strong though. Today was another day of not doing very much. I need to get myself out of this funk ASAP.


The current Nerdfitness 4 week challenge is coming to a close.  My thread “Tateman Moves in and gets settled” has mostly been a success for me.  My goals have stayed pretty much the same, just a few add-ons. Like I have my eating and sleep goals there to track.

With the challenge coming to a close, it is time to evaluate how the challenge went for me. What worked, what didn’t work. I’ll be posting tomorrow my final challenge wrap up.

The next 4 week challenge will start Monday, August 13th, and runs to Sunday, September 9th. I’ll have a week to think of what I want to work on in the new challenge. I do like to get a new thread up quickly, and get right to it. I may have to do this, so I continue to keep on moving on my goals.

If people are reading this, then I would encourage you to give the NerdFitness 4 week Challenge a try.  There is a pretty good support system over there. Lots of different people coming together in the name of fitness in their own nerdy way. 🙂


The last few days, I have been thinking of some goals I would like to hit. Some seem like I could get to it in a shorter time, and other goals may take much longer. Still, I like to have a list of some of them. These are really just heath goals. I have others that aren’t health related too 😉

In no particular order:

  • Run another official 5k race (and eventually other distances)
  • Run the St. Louis Cardinals 6k race
  • Run in Obstacle races (Spartan, Tough Muddler, Etc)
  • Run the Spartan Stadium Sprint in Busch Stadium, St. Louis, MO
  • Join the 1,000 pound lifted club (deadlift, squat, bench)
  • Run a mile in under 9 minutes
  • Run a mile in under 7 minutes
  • Do a pull up (yup, just a single one)
  • Go for a hike

Plenty of running related goals. It mostly is from it seeming the most impossible things. Not so much the 5k race. I did do one of those, and like 4 years ago, I was running 2-3 miles 3 times a week.  Just that feeling that I was able to conquer what I thought was impossible for me to do.

Before I ran that 5k, The most I had ever run in my life, was about 2 miles. That day felt like magic though. I hit that 2 mile mark, and kept going. All the way to the finish were I even tried to sprint out that last bit. Back then, I thought I would keep going. Then it all came crashing down on me, and I gained all my weight back with-in a year. So there is some redemption involved in these goals too. I want to get back to where I was, and beat all those PRs.

This coming week

I need to get my summary done for the week done here. Then, I need to get my challenge review post up at Nerdfitness. I need to hang up some banners and shelves. (plus all the other things) I also need to get cooking food for the week. I have a bigger and bigger grocery shopping list on the fridge. I also need to come up with goals for my next Nerdfitness challenge. I feel the need for some exercise. 🙂

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