My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 218

Happy Monday! It is time for a week in review post.

This week was a bit tougher mentally. I really lost my focus on getting things done around the house. I still did get some things done, just not what I should have been able to do.

I have been keeping track of my food and doing Intermittent fasting. It seems like I have settled into 11 am to 6 pm for my eating window. I am tempted to try to incorporate a bigger fast once a week, just to give it a try. Say on Tuesdays I wouldn’t eat. That would mean going Monday night 6 pm to 11 am Wednesday morning. Something for me to think about.

Weight Loss

I am down to 281.8 lbs today. That is 3.2 lbs this week. 83 pound gone since January 1st.

I had a thought last night, that I could get to 100 lbs gone before my birthday on November 2nd. Only need 17 more lbs for that goal. That also puts my into striking distance of my lowest recorded weight of 253. (I was like 225 in middle school like 30 years ago)  Maybe, just maybe, I can get to the 250 range by the end of the year. It might get tough with those holiday’s coming. Right now though, I feel like I can do it! 🙂

07/30 MyFitnessPal – 1726 Calories, 16 net carbs.
07/31 MyFitnessPal – 1680 Calories, 33 net carbs (17 net minus the quest stuff)
08/01 MyFitnessPal – 1761 Calories, 19 net carbs (15 net subtracting the erythritol)
08/02 MyFitnessPal – 1605 Calories, 25 net carbs (13 net when subtracting the quest stuff)
08/03 MyFitnessPal – 1528 Calories, 31 net carbs (15 net when subtracting the quest stuff)
08/04 MyFitnessPal – 1773 Calories, 29 net carbs (17 net minus the quest)
08/05 MyFitnessPal – 1538 Calories, 33 net carbs (17 net minus the quest)

I have been having lots of quests products this month, and they haven’t seem to have a negative impact on my weight loss or anything as of yet. I do limit it to one bar per day at least. I still want to keep the total carbs lower, even if it is part fiber and such.

07/30 – 11:56 pm to 6:57 am. 6 hrs 4 mins. 12 x awake for 57 mins. Reading done
07/31 – 12:28 am to 7:07 am. 6 hrs 6 mins. 11 x awake for 33 mins. Reading done
08/01 – 12:39 am to 7:00 am. 5 hrs 31 mins. 13 x awake for 50 mins. Reading done.
08/02 – 12:17 am to 7:30 am. 6 hrs 35 mins. 20 x awake for 38 mins. Reading done.
08/03 – 12:18 am to 7:01 am. 6 hrs 5 mins. 13 x awake for 38 mins. Reading done.
08/04 – 12:17 am to 6:44 am. 5 hrs 46 mins. 20 x awake for 41 mins. Reading done.
08/05 – 12:28 am to 8:32 am. 7 hrs 36 mins. 18 x awake for 28 mins. Reading done.

My biggest problem this week, has been waking up too early. To help curve this, I really need to get the window tint put on our window. Then hopefully, that will help it not be so bright in the room.

I have been using my kindle for reading each night for a few weeks now. I feel like it did not make anything worse for me. Like starting at a screen before bed. It is also night not having to buy books and store them someplace after I read them. Not as much of a problem when I have space, but in this apartment, not so much.

This week

It is time once again, for me to attempt to add in some exercise. Things are still not all moved in here at the new place, so I need to get that going too. I believe I will start off with body weights mostly, then start adding in more.

I need to get a new Nerdfitness challenge thread up as well. More accountability is a good thing. 🙂


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