My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 222

Man, today was really busy. Felt like I was always off doing something. Even almost forgot it was so late. Better late then never I suppose.

Today, I have eaten at a surplus. Food was just weird. I was off shopping for foods, but wan’t really coming home to make much. Eating nuts and fat bombs for most of the day. So tonight, i was hungry.

When my wife was off work, we went to a couple more stores to get food. This is after my normal eating window, so I guess no Intermittent fasting today. After grocery shopping, I had some pork cracklins, Italian sausage, and sunflower seeds. Net carbs will still be fine, it is just a 2000+ calorie day.

All this is OK though in the long run. Days like this will happen. Tomorrow just has to be a better day. 🙂


So my right arm got messed up while bowling. Not sure the extent of the damage, but even today it has been pretty tender. I am trying my best to not use it for holding anything. Hard to do, when you are carrying groceries up the stairs!

I was looking at the workouts I wanted to do starting on Monday. They are simple, but a few of them are using the arms. My choices are really to do my own thing. Either find some lower body or core type workouts, or focus on cardio.

I know I can do squats, and maybe lunges. I worry doing things like kneeing/standing push ups or even Planks will hurt my arm more. I’ve got a few more days to try to decide on what I should do.


08/09 MyFitnessPal – 1712 Calories, 12 net carbs. IF done.

No Quest numbers to work out yesterday. Just Chicken crust pizza, and chicken with salad for dinner.


12:34 am to 7:36 am. 6 hrs 18 mins. 16 x awake for 44 mins. Last night was a little rough. I woke up sweating, and I really hate that.


Day 1 of Pokemon Go community day is tomorrow. Day 2 on Sunday. The oldest and I will be heading to Alviso to try to catch all the Eevee we can. 🙂


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