My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 226

I’m late tonight, so just going to do a quick little post.

I’ve been a little busy playing World of Warcraft. The new expansion, Battle for Azeroth,  launched on Monday for my region. So I was playing late last night, and didn’t get off in time to really do my normal wind down routine. That is also why I am running a little late tonight. Though I did at least give myself some time.

Today, I got in a morning walk.

So at least on that front, I am keeping at it. Exercise was on Monday. I will also get to exercise tomorrow.


Today was the day I was going to attempt my no eating day. It didn’t quite go as I planned.

Monday night, I ended my eating at 5 pm. Today, I was going strong for a long time. I even cooked a bunch of chicken for myself. Made lunches for the kids. Got a little hungry, but was doing fine. Then about 4 pm, I couldn’t take it. I wish I had tested my blood (still need to unpack the meter). I felt like I was hitting low blood sugar numbers. I was getting a headache and such. So I gave in and ate food. I think it might have been too much of a fast to try for. I think I will switch make just a longer fast, and maybe build up each week. I’l have to fine turn it before I try jumping in to a big fast I think.


08/13 MyFitnessPal – 1662 Calories, 25 net carbs (13 net minus the Quest stuff). IF done


1:30 am to 7:39 am. 5 hrs 22 mins. 19 x awake for 47 mins. No reading done. I had some other issues, besides gaming, that kept me up a little later. One part was getting a email from my friend’s Uncle. My friend died in 2012. We had kept his facebook page up. I guess they wanted to get it taken down now. So, I did that today. A little bit of a downer mood, just because I had to go digging though the old files to get the information needed. I did take some time to read some emails and chat conversations that I did have with my friend too. I still miss him. Was my best friend for like 13 years or something. Hell, my only in real life friend that I ever really did stuff with. I suppose I do have other friends. I consider many people online as friends. Some of the people I bowl with are my friends. Just not best friend type level I guess. It’s kinda weird.

I walked, and did a small workout. (I am feeling some soreness today!)
3 x 15 squats
3 x 15 crunches
3 x 20 sec planks

Not too big of a start, but that is OK with me. This is a good base to get me going.


Get up and get my workout in. I’ll change it from what I did on Monday I believe. I will also get a walk in. I’ve prepped some food, but I may make some wings or something tomorrow. I’ll also be playing plenty of World of Warcraft. 🙂

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