My Journey to a Healthy Me, Days 233-243

So, it has been 10 days since my last post. My biggest hurdle, was overcoming my mental downswing.

I mentioned previously, that I do struggle this month. Sometimes, it isn’t as bad as other times. Overall, I did OK. I have been feeling much better this week, just not wanting to get online to post anything.

Last week, was a real struggle. I still kept it keto, at least. Calories have been all over the place though. Monday I did do some body weight squats, but no other working out, or walking. Sleep was a bit all over as well.

This week started off better. I have done two workouts this week, but no walking.

I have also been able to get back into bowling. Last Thursday, I bowled without pain. Monday night was sweepers night. I made a little money there too. Tonight is sweepers night in my other league. So here is hoping I bowl well.

As far as my weight, I have been really stalled the last couple of weeks. Though, I am getting back to for this week. I am starting to see the scale move in the correct direction. 😉

One other thing I am trying to deal with now, is getting into a rhythm. I am taking my son to school, and picking him up now. This means getting up earlier. I am going to try getting to bed earlier, so I can sleep a bit more. Feeling tired sucks!

Just figured I would pop in to say at least I am still around. I should get a proper normal update tomorrow.


  1. Keep at it brother you are doing great! The stalls will come but you have been doing far too good for too long to stop now and I know you will do amazing! Just a suggestion try doing a little meditation before bed I have been doing like 10 minutes of meditation and getting to bed earlier and I can feel the difference, hopefully, that helps buddy!

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