Month: August 2018

My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 220

Happy Hump Day.

I actually went out for a walk today.

Just a little test run to see how long it takes to get to the library pokestops. Seems about 10 mins one way. For now, I think this will work out fine. Once I progress a bit, I can see exploring around a little more. Lake Elizabeth is right near by too.

I got a couple of meals cooked today, but they were just to eat today. No extra cooking for the week. Tomorrow, I’m down to pizza day I believe.


I was thinking today, that I weight about the same when I could run 3 miles. I looked at my old RunDouble stats. December 15, 2014 I ran 3 miles. Looking at that day on Fitbit shows I was 285 lbs. That was on the way up in weight too.

My ankle hasn’t been bugging me recently, so maybe it is time to try running once again. I would like to be able to say I could run a 5k again. It is one of my goals to get in that 5k.


08/07 MyFitnessPal – 1727 Calories, 18 net carbs (16 minus the Erythritol) IF Done


12:37 am to 8:05 am. 6 hr 29 mins. 18 x awake for 59 mins. I got to sleep a little later. I did get my reading done.


I have bowling at night. I need to get more things done around the house. I will probably just make myself some chicken crust pizza to eat.



My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 219

Tuesday went pretty well I suppose. I did get some chicken cooked. Of course my oldest ate some of it already! I will need to get more cooking done tomorrow. I have some chicken breast strips I will use with some Alfredo sauce with Zucchini noodles. It may just be chicken crust pizza day too.


08/06 MyFitnessPal – 1735 Calories, 31 net carbs (19 net minus the quest stuff) IF Done.

08/06 – 12:50 am to 7:34 am. 5 hrs 44 mins. 12 x awake for 1 hr. Dog had to go out just as I was going to sleep, so that took awhile. Then, I had to get settled in to sleep.


I got up my new NerdFitness challenge thread. “Tateman: The Pain Train is comin’, baby! Woo! Woo!

I am still going to be focusing on my Keto way of eating. Tracking all foods in MyFitnessPal, and continuing on with Intermittent fasting. My new twist this challenge, is that I will finally try doing the day long fast. In my case, it will be a 39 hour fast. Possibly more. Depends on when I do finish eating on Monday nights. My current plan is to finish eating on Monday night by 6 pm. Normally, I am done by 5. Then I do not eat on Tuesday. Wednesday, I pick my eating back up at 11 am. I will at least give this a try. If I fail, that is OK.

I am back with my sleep goal. It pretty much is the same that I have been doing. I do have some concern for when my son starts back up at school. I will have to get up early to drive him there, and pick him up when he is done. I might have to move my bed time up if I can. Time will tell, and I will have to play it by ear.

It is also time to bring back some exercise! I am going to walk every day for at least 15 mins. I have a Pokestop I can spin at the Library that is near. It isn’t too far of a walk. I plan on walking there and back each day. Eventually, I may extend the walk, but I want to focus on just this little bit first.

I am also going to incorporate some body weight workouts. Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays will be my workout days. I am going to follow the guild in the NerdFitness Academy. This should get me slowly started off again, and I can build up from there.


I’ve got more cooking to take care of. Otherwise, I need to get more unpacking done.

I’ve also been thinking about doing videos, or at the very least some pictures, to track progress with workouts.

My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 218

Happy Monday! It is time for a week in review post.

This week was a bit tougher mentally. I really lost my focus on getting things done around the house. I still did get some things done, just not what I should have been able to do.

I have been keeping track of my food and doing Intermittent fasting. It seems like I have settled into 11 am to 6 pm for my eating window. I am tempted to try to incorporate a bigger fast once a week, just to give it a try. Say on Tuesdays I wouldn’t eat. That would mean going Monday night 6 pm to 11 am Wednesday morning. Something for me to think about.

Weight Loss

I am down to 281.8 lbs today. That is 3.2 lbs this week. 83 pound gone since January 1st.

I had a thought last night, that I could get to 100 lbs gone before my birthday on November 2nd. Only need 17 more lbs for that goal. That also puts my into striking distance of my lowest recorded weight of 253. (I was like 225 in middle school like 30 years ago)  Maybe, just maybe, I can get to the 250 range by the end of the year. It might get tough with those holiday’s coming. Right now though, I feel like I can do it! 🙂

07/30 MyFitnessPal – 1726 Calories, 16 net carbs.
07/31 MyFitnessPal – 1680 Calories, 33 net carbs (17 net minus the quest stuff)
08/01 MyFitnessPal – 1761 Calories, 19 net carbs (15 net subtracting the erythritol)
08/02 MyFitnessPal – 1605 Calories, 25 net carbs (13 net when subtracting the quest stuff)
08/03 MyFitnessPal – 1528 Calories, 31 net carbs (15 net when subtracting the quest stuff)
08/04 MyFitnessPal – 1773 Calories, 29 net carbs (17 net minus the quest)
08/05 MyFitnessPal – 1538 Calories, 33 net carbs (17 net minus the quest)

I have been having lots of quests products this month, and they haven’t seem to have a negative impact on my weight loss or anything as of yet. I do limit it to one bar per day at least. I still want to keep the total carbs lower, even if it is part fiber and such.

07/30 – 11:56 pm to 6:57 am. 6 hrs 4 mins. 12 x awake for 57 mins. Reading done
07/31 – 12:28 am to 7:07 am. 6 hrs 6 mins. 11 x awake for 33 mins. Reading done
08/01 – 12:39 am to 7:00 am. 5 hrs 31 mins. 13 x awake for 50 mins. Reading done.
08/02 – 12:17 am to 7:30 am. 6 hrs 35 mins. 20 x awake for 38 mins. Reading done.
08/03 – 12:18 am to 7:01 am. 6 hrs 5 mins. 13 x awake for 38 mins. Reading done.
08/04 – 12:17 am to 6:44 am. 5 hrs 46 mins. 20 x awake for 41 mins. Reading done.
08/05 – 12:28 am to 8:32 am. 7 hrs 36 mins. 18 x awake for 28 mins. Reading done.

My biggest problem this week, has been waking up too early. To help curve this, I really need to get the window tint put on our window. Then hopefully, that will help it not be so bright in the room.

I have been using my kindle for reading each night for a few weeks now. I feel like it did not make anything worse for me. Like starting at a screen before bed. It is also night not having to buy books and store them someplace after I read them. Not as much of a problem when I have space, but in this apartment, not so much.

This week

It is time once again, for me to attempt to add in some exercise. Things are still not all moved in here at the new place, so I need to get that going too. I believe I will start off with body weights mostly, then start adding in more.

I need to get a new Nerdfitness challenge thread up as well. More accountability is a good thing. 🙂


My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 217

One more week in the books. I haven’t exactly been finishing off this week very strong though. Today was another day of not doing very much. I need to get myself out of this funk ASAP.


The current Nerdfitness 4 week challenge is coming to a close.  My thread “Tateman Moves in and gets settled” has mostly been a success for me.  My goals have stayed pretty much the same, just a few add-ons. Like I have my eating and sleep goals there to track.

With the challenge coming to a close, it is time to evaluate how the challenge went for me. What worked, what didn’t work. I’ll be posting tomorrow my final challenge wrap up.

The next 4 week challenge will start Monday, August 13th, and runs to Sunday, September 9th. I’ll have a week to think of what I want to work on in the new challenge. I do like to get a new thread up quickly, and get right to it. I may have to do this, so I continue to keep on moving on my goals.

If people are reading this, then I would encourage you to give the NerdFitness 4 week Challenge a try.  There is a pretty good support system over there. Lots of different people coming together in the name of fitness in their own nerdy way. 🙂


The last few days, I have been thinking of some goals I would like to hit. Some seem like I could get to it in a shorter time, and other goals may take much longer. Still, I like to have a list of some of them. These are really just heath goals. I have others that aren’t health related too 😉

In no particular order:

  • Run another official 5k race (and eventually other distances)
  • Run the St. Louis Cardinals 6k race
  • Run in Obstacle races (Spartan, Tough Muddler, Etc)
  • Run the Spartan Stadium Sprint in Busch Stadium, St. Louis, MO
  • Join the 1,000 pound lifted club (deadlift, squat, bench)
  • Run a mile in under 9 minutes
  • Run a mile in under 7 minutes
  • Do a pull up (yup, just a single one)
  • Go for a hike

Plenty of running related goals. It mostly is from it seeming the most impossible things. Not so much the 5k race. I did do one of those, and like 4 years ago, I was running 2-3 miles 3 times a week.  Just that feeling that I was able to conquer what I thought was impossible for me to do.

Before I ran that 5k, The most I had ever run in my life, was about 2 miles. That day felt like magic though. I hit that 2 mile mark, and kept going. All the way to the finish were I even tried to sprint out that last bit. Back then, I thought I would keep going. Then it all came crashing down on me, and I gained all my weight back with-in a year. So there is some redemption involved in these goals too. I want to get back to where I was, and beat all those PRs.

This coming week

I need to get my summary done for the week done here. Then, I need to get my challenge review post up at Nerdfitness. I need to hang up some banners and shelves. (plus all the other things) I also need to get cooking food for the week. I have a bigger and bigger grocery shopping list on the fridge. I also need to come up with goals for my next Nerdfitness challenge. I feel the need for some exercise. 🙂

My Journey to a Healthy Me Days 215 & 216

Blah, I did it again. I didn’t get in my blog post. I was watching TV with the wife, then suddenly realized it was after 11 pm. So no blog done, but I did read before I slept.

The last few days have been rough in the fact that I have just been feeling lazy. I haven’t been getting work done around the house. Mentally, I just don’t feel in it. I know it is August, and that is the month my Mom died in. That was in 2010. I do normally seem to get in a funk around this time. I just don’t feel like that it is right now.

I am still ketoing on though. My partial problem, is that I am running of my foods. Not too many eggs left, I only have a bit of salad left. I am going to have to get creative. 🙂 I did inventory out “big” freezer last night. I listed out all the meats in there. We have a lot of items. I might just have to cook a bunch of meat and go carnivore style for a bit. haha.

Today, I also got to have the pleasure of driving my family to eat. While I watch them. My wife really wanted to go to Sonic. Plus wanted me to drive. So, I did anyway. I told her there is nothing there for me to eat. Sure, I could have ordered a burger or breakfast burrito. It just would seem like such a pain to take off the items I don’t want. It wasn’t that bad though. I had eaten something not too long before that. I was just annoyed that I had to drive them there to get food I couldn’t eat.

I also had a little non scale victory moment this morning. I was in bed checking out my calf muscles. Now I have been working out, but I could see the muscle definition. I stayed in bed for awhile just flexing my calf muscle over and over. 🙂 Imagine if I actually started getting in exercise!

Last couple of days…

08/02 MyFitnessPal – 1605 Calories, 25 net carbs (13 net when you subtract the quest stuff) IF done
08/03 MyFitnessPal – 1528 Calories, 31 net carbs (15 net minus the Quest) IF Done

I do hate having to figure out the added in quest net carbs, but I want to make sure I track it all.


08/02 – 12:17 am to 7:30 am. 6 hrs 35 mins. 20 x awake for 38 mins.
08/03 – 12:18 am to 7:01 am. 6 hrs 5 mins. 13 x awake for 38 mins.

Last few days, I am back to waking up early. It is kind of driving me crazy, and making me feel tired still. Not helping the mental mood I am sure.


One more day left for the weekend. I believe the wife and I will get around to doing a few items around the house. Plus, I need to get something cooked up for me to eat during the week.

My Journey to a Healthy Me, Days 213 & 214

I forgot to get in my blog post yesterday. I remembered too late at night.

Today I got in a small amount of cooking done. I finally got around to getting the resat of my chicken breasts made. Of course, my older son came and ate one right away. haha.

Now I really need to get into the freezer so I can see what all I have to make. Funds are tight this next couple of weeks, so I need to reach into these food reserves!

I just got back from bowling, and I bowled well, but scored bad. Well, not so bad I suppose. Still bowled over a 600 series.

Last couple of days…

I haven’t been sleeping all that well the last couple of nights. I have been having trouble getting comfortable. Then I feel like the quality of sleep is poor when I get up in the morning. Which I am also waking up too early again. Plus our cat keeps trying to hog the bed!

Weight loss wise, it seems I am in a little stall. I kind of expected it. I noticed my total carbs have been a little higher the last few days too. So I wonder if that has something to do with it as well. I just have to stick with the Keto, and keep tracking the food intake. The weight loss will come back.

07/31 MyFitnessPal – 1680 Calories, 33 net carbs (17 net when you take out the quest stuff) IF done
08/01 MyFitnessPal – 1761 Calories, 19 net carbs (15 net subtracting the erythritol) IF Done

This morning, I was feeling hungry, but I still held out until after 11 am to eat. Normally, I have been doing OK.

07/31 – 12:28 am to 7:07 am. 6 hrs 6 mins. 11 x awake for 33 mins. Reading done
08/01 – 12:39 am to 7:00 am. 5 hrs 31 mins. 13 x awake for 50 mins. Reading done.

I started on the Harry Potter series. So far so good there. That will give me plenty of reading. 🙂


Well, I need to get back to projects around the house. I also need to get into my freezer, then find some keto recipes to use the items.