My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 256

Well here I am trying to get pumped up with my journey, and I start feeling sick. haha. Nothing too serious yet, but it is starting to give me troubles with sleep.

I have been trying to get myself back into a good rhythm. Next Monday is the start of my next Nerdfitness Challenge. Work in progress, but I am making some gains.

I want to check out my macros a bit more often to make sure I am hitting where I need to for weight loss.


I am using the Keto Calculator over at

Now I have to consider the range I want to look at. For my restriction, I want to be at 30%. Though 25% wouldn’t be bad either. The real question, is and I going to stay Sedentary, or get in activity. I want to be active, but I know there will be some slower days.

Sedentary, 30% deficit / Sedentary, 25% deficit

1668 Calories / 1787 Calories
122 g Fats / 135 g Fats
19 g Carbs / 19 g Carbs
124 g Protein / 124 g Protein

Lightly Active, 30% deficit / Lightly Active, 25% deficit

1862 Calories / 1995 Calories
125 g Fats / 140 g Fats
19 g Carbs / 19 g Carbs
165 g Protein / 165 g Protein

Moderately Active 30% deficit / Moderately Active 25% deficit

2011 Calories / 2154 Calories
142 g Fats / 158 g Fats
19 g Carbs / 19 g Carbs
165 g Protein / 165 g Protein

I do like having more calories, because it means I can eat more. I do like to eat 😉 Now, I don’t think I am going to be quite to Moderately Active level to start off. When I am eventually lifting with weights, then yes. Maybe even as my workouts increase in intensity.

For now, I think I am starting off with the Lightly active range. Though I think I want more carbs then proteins overall. I can work on that. I plan on getting body weight workouts in. They are not starting off super long. Plus, I do want to start walking more. Then of course bowling days. 🙂


Time to start back into my daily check ins with sleep charts and such. This weekend, we will be getting quite a few groceries. It’s been a little tight these last couple if weeks.


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