My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 261

I am feeling a bit better today. I hope this means I am getting over whatever cold/viral thing. No exercise today, but I did feel like I could have went out for a walk. Instead, I stayed home and did some cleaning. haha.

Yesterday, I skipped out on bowling. I just started feeling so bad before I was to leave. I figured I would not bowl and spread germs out to people.


09/17 MyFitnessPal – 1728 Calories, 8 net carbs. 112 g protein, 129 g fats. I am trying to keep fats > protein. So I hit that. Also stayed low on the net carbs. The calories might be a little lower then I should have, because I did get in my workout as well. Though I don’t think of the body weight workouts as too stressful so far. I think I am OK in this range of calories. Especially since I had so many calories the day before.


3 x 10 squats
3 x 10 Elevated pushups (done at my kitchen counter)
3 x 10 Doorway bodyweight rows
3 x 30 secs farmers walk. I used 15lb dumbbells in each hand, and just walked the circle around my kitchen and living room area.

I got this done in the morning, after I came back home.


11:36 pm to 7 am. 6 hrs 54 mins total sleep. 15 x awake for 30 minutes. I got in my reading before hand. I was pretty tired from waking up early the previous day. When my alarm went off, I did feel like I needed more sleep, but overall it was a good night. The window tint I have on the bedroom window has been working great. The room is much darker in the morning now.


Workout day 2 tomorrow. I need to get some food prepped as well. Time to dig out some items from the freezer. I hope I am over the hump with being sick. Thursday will be back to bowling, if I am.

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