My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 262

Wife threw together some pork top sirloin when she came home today 🙂

We had gotten it from Costco awhile back. We were looking for some recipes earlier today. She ended up making some pulled pork style tacos for herself. I tried a little bit, but I really already had my food for the day. I will enjoy it more tomorrow!

Today, I am feeling much better. I didn’t get out for a walk, but I did get a little workout in.



09/18 MyFitnessPal – 1813 Calories, 7 net carbs, 95 g protein, 146 g fats.

Since I didn’t do any exercising yesterday, I am over my calories a bit. Should have been closer to 1787 max. Still, I did well with getting greater amounts of fats in vs protein. I was also really low in net carbs.


I did get in my workout on Monday. Tuesday I could have walked, but didn’t feel like it. Still having a bit of this cold or whatever. This week I do want to get out walking at least once.


11:37 pm to 6:59 am. 6 hrs 53 mins. 14 x awake for 29 minutes. I did get in my reading before bed as well.

The last couple of nights, I have been getting much better sleep. I notice that my awake times are lower, and for much shorted distances. It part from it not being so hot anymore in the room, and the tint in the windows is working.


Bowling day. I am feeling better now, so I should be able to make it to leagues. I have plenty of pork to eat now, but I want to make some chicken wings. I saw that Ketoconnect likes to use some baking powder in their wings to keep them crispy. Going to have to try that.

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