My Journey to a Healthy Me, Days 265 & 266

I didn’t get in to blog yesterday. I just ran a bit late.

Today, I did get out for a walk this morning/afternoon. I live near buy some stores. Just about 20 minutes to walk over there. So I went to Gamestop, and did some Pokemon Go stuff during my walk. I had a bit of fun going out for my walk. It felt really good, even with it being a bit warmer this week. Next week, I should try to get more walking in.

After my walk, I tackled the wing making! I tried out two different flavors, but they are both pretty similar. I saw that uses baking powder for their wings. This helps to make them crispy in the oven. It worked pretty well. I think I cooked mine just a few minutes too long I think. Not burnt, but some got a little close. 😉 I’ll be finishing them off in the next couple days.

I got to sleep a little later then I should have last night. I did get in 8 hours of sleep though. It wasn’t a solid sleep. I woke up a few times. Mind was also racing a lot, and it took awhile to actually get to sleep.

Keto Resets

Recently, it seems like there are a lot of people getting back into Keto. A few youtube people have started up their Keto Resets.

Headbanger’s Kitchen

Highfalutin’ Low Carb


I for one, and really glad that they are willing to share their stories with us. I know that I have followed quite a few people in their journeys. I have gotten some amazing recipes to try for these folks. I think it really just helps people to know, that life happens. We are humans.

I have done really well myself, sticking to this keto journey. Though I too went off when I went to New York. I was perfectly OK with it though. I knew I was going to be on a great vacation, and wanted to sample all the foods I could get. 🙂

So for whatever reason that you might have fallen off Keto, you can get back on. I have done it. Sahil from Headbanger’s Kitchen has done it a few times I believe.

One day at a time guys. You can do this. We can all do this!


Alright, tomorrow is summary day. Back to the grind. I will take my kid to school, workout, and probably figure out more things to get done around here. I need to get some Almond flour and butter. I am missing my KetoConnect 90 second mug bread! 🙂


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