Month: September 2018

My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 256

Well here I am trying to get pumped up with my journey, and I start feeling sick. haha. Nothing too serious yet, but it is starting to give me troubles with sleep.

I have been trying to get myself back into a good rhythm. Next Monday is the start of my next Nerdfitness Challenge. Work in progress, but I am making some gains.

I want to check out my macros a bit more often to make sure I am hitting where I need to for weight loss.


I am using the Keto Calculator over at

Now I have to consider the range I want to look at. For my restriction, I want to be at 30%. Though 25% wouldn’t be bad either. The real question, is and I going to stay Sedentary, or get in activity. I want to be active, but I know there will be some slower days.

Sedentary, 30% deficit / Sedentary, 25% deficit

1668 Calories / 1787 Calories
122 g Fats / 135 g Fats
19 g Carbs / 19 g Carbs
124 g Protein / 124 g Protein

Lightly Active, 30% deficit / Lightly Active, 25% deficit

1862 Calories / 1995 Calories
125 g Fats / 140 g Fats
19 g Carbs / 19 g Carbs
165 g Protein / 165 g Protein

Moderately Active 30% deficit / Moderately Active 25% deficit

2011 Calories / 2154 Calories
142 g Fats / 158 g Fats
19 g Carbs / 19 g Carbs
165 g Protein / 165 g Protein

I do like having more calories, because it means I can eat more. I do like to eat 😉 Now, I don’t think I am going to be quite to Moderately Active level to start off. When I am eventually lifting with weights, then yes. Maybe even as my workouts increase in intensity.

For now, I think I am starting off with the Lightly active range. Though I think I want more carbs then proteins overall. I can work on that. I plan on getting body weight workouts in. They are not starting off super long. Plus, I do want to start walking more. Then of course bowling days. 🙂


Time to start back into my daily check ins with sleep charts and such. This weekend, we will be getting quite a few groceries. It’s been a little tight these last couple if weeks.


My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 255

Yesterday, I started up a new challenge thread over at Nerdfitness. “Tateman – Counting down to the end of the year already

The new challenge runs from September 17th to October 4th. For me though, I am starting the challenge today.

Part of setting up my new challenge, was realizing just how close I was to some of my weight loss goals. I went over a bit of this in my blog post yesterday. I fleshed out more of it in my Nerdfitness post.

Numbers to consider

My lowest “adult” record weight that I can remember is 257. I weighed that on October 8, 2014. During my middle school years, I remember being pretty much 225 lbs the whole time. High school and after that, I do not really recall. I have always been bigger.

A little background

8th grade, at 225 lbs, I hit my one big goal. Through all the grades 6-8th, we had to run/walk a half mile twice a week in PE Class. I think in 7th they added mile runs. I had never been a runner, but I saw something that stuck a cord with me. I saw other kids running the half mile fast. Most of us rebellious teens were fighting the power by not caring, and not running the half mile. Still, the goal popped into my head. Before I leave this school, I will run this half mile in under 3 minutes.

I think in 7th grade I actually started to run it more. On into 8th grade I was better, but I never pushed. My friend in my class was very fast. He was one that was always finishing way ahead of us all. Finally, the last run of the year came up. This was the last time I would run here. My friend had broke his ankle, so he was on the sidelines in his cast. I decided that I just had to go for it. Give it all I had. The teacher blew the whistle, and we were all off. I was flying. The fastest I have ever moved in my life. (under my own power). I was toward the back of the back to start, but was making my way up. Eventually, I caught up to another classmate that was one of the faster kids. I burned past him. I was in the lead now. Not stopping, still pushing.

Eventually, I came around the last turn on our half mile. I saw my friend jumping up and down (best he could on a broken leg 😉 ) He was waving me in. I felt like I was just running so fast. It was incredible. I hit that finish line at 2 minutes 57 seconds. I had done it. It was a weird feeling to me, but a moment I will never really forget.

Flashback over

OK, flashback is over. That feeling I had though, is part of what made me want to get to my lowest weight before. It is what drove me to train, and complete an actual 5k. The farthest I had ever ran in my life.

Now looking at my weight numbers, I am starting to feel all fired up again.

Here are some weight loss goals. I currently weight 275.8 lbs.

  1. I want to drop to 100 lbs total lost this year by my birthday on November 2nd. I am 10 lbs away from this goal, today.
  2. I want to go under my lowest recorded adult weight, 257. I am 18.8 lbs away.
  3. I want to reach my middle school weight. 225. I am 50.8 lbs away
  4. My eventual goal weight is to be about 185. 90.8 lbs from that

That 100 lbs down should be quite easy to hit before my birthday. So lets push toward the next goal. 19 pounds to become my lowest weight. If I work hard, I think I can do that before year end. What about that next goal though. 225. A number I though I would not see in well, forever. I am only 51 lbs away from that.

What if I can get there before the year is up? I know, it is crazy, but I am all about this crazy stretch goal. For some reason, this has me more fired up then I have been in awhile. Now, I don’t know that it would actually be possible for me to lose 51 lbs in the three months left. But I ask myself, what if? What if I can do it? To me, this is that impossible goal. Like the impossible goal for me ever running a 5k. The impossible goal to ever run a half mine in under 3 minutes.

This goal, I might fail. There is good chance I will. I have all off the holidays in the way, and my birthday. But still, what if?

I’ve been thinking of this all day really. You know, even if I don’t make the 225 mark. The mark I do hit will be an amazing accomplishment to get too.

So there it is. My crazy impossible goal to hit 225 lbs on or before December 31st 2018.

Supporting that goal

Now I have do everything I can to support that goal. I have t in my Nerdfitness thread. Staying keto, checking macros, tracking everything, Intermittent fasting, getting enough sleep, and getting into exercise much more.

I want to look back at the last year and say “I can’t believe I did that”

My Journey to a Healthy Me, Days 244-254

Well, it has been too long since I blogged. I won’t lie, August was a bit of a struggle. It was mostly emotional. I struggled hard with the mental game. Even when I was coming out of it, I dropped back into nasty emotional feelings.

Now though, I am coming back out of the mental fog. With the mental struggle, other aspects of my goals suffered some.

My food stayed keto! I may have had a few (maybe even more then a few) days over overeating, but each day I kept it keto. I think one day I was slightly higher carbs because I didn’t calculate it correctly until after I ate. Not too big of a deal though. So #1 this stayed mostly on track.

My exercise did not however. I had my arm injury to deal with. That prevented me from bowling, and starting on the body weight workouts I wanted to get done. The mental struggles made it that much easier for me to give in, and not workout. A few days I did try to push on. One particularly bad day, I still made myself do some squats while I was cooking food in the oven. Eventually, my arm felt much better. I am back bowling now, and pain free. I am still babying my arm a bit. I don’t want to stress it out too much. I have done some of the body weight workouts I wanted to start with, and my arm seemed fine with those. Of course, I haven’t been on point this week with workouts. Still trying to get myself adjusted to the schedule of getting my son to school.

Probably one of the worst goals to mess up, is my sleep. Which I have done multiple times over this last month. Even last night, I was going to bed after 1 am. This is a no go when I have to be up at 7 am. I get too tired to want to do anything. It just creates a poor situation to start the day off with.

All that happening, and technically, I still lost weight. 🙂 Only 5.3 lbs this last month. Mostly these last couple of weeks really. During my struggles, I gained some weight back. Just like a couple of pounds.

Now for some Power of Positivity

It hasn’t all been bad news this last month.

First off, I am now down 89 lbs since January 1st of this year. I weighed in yesterday at 275.8 lbs. I was trying to have a goal to get to 100 lbs down by my birthday (November 2nd). I should be able to crush that goal.

Since I will crush that 100 lbs gone before my birthday, I have been thinking of a new goal today. My official lowest weight ever (at least pretty much adulthood), is 257 lbs. I got to that weight in October 8th, 2014. I was 225 lbs though pretty much all of middle school. My new goal, is to see if I can get lower then 257 lbs before the beginning of next year. That basically gives me 3 months to drop 18.8 lbs. Who knows, maybe I can completely crush that number too, and hit my middle school weight.

People have been noticing more. It is time for the winter bowling leagues to start back up. Some people I haven’t seen in a couple of months. They have noticed a different. My son is in 2nd grade this year. He still sees his old kindergarten teacher from time to time. She saw me at the beginning of this school year. She told me that she barley even recognized me. she was amazed.

The jeans, I still had from when I was this low before, are feeling a lot looser. I feel like I need to go get a new pair of jeans soon. I am fitting into some of my smaller shirts that I saved.

Overall, despite the mental struggle last month, I am feeling great.