My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 275-295

I’m back! I’ve really struggle a bit these last few weeks. Some of it mental, some of it frustration.

For over a month, my weight hardly moved. Up and down the same basic area. Now, if I was at my goal weight, then no sweat. I have plenty to lose though. So this really was frustrating me. Checking Fitbit, my weight only moved 3 lbs down. I thought I was doing things properly. I was getting in workouts, and a bit more walking, yet it felt useless.

I looked back at my food tracking, and I was hitting where I thought I should for my calories and macros. Still eating at a deficit etc. The problem is, I don’t think I actually had been.

The light bulb went on

I had the realization that I must not be as active as I assumed. I wasn’t walking that much. The body weight workouts I was doing, were hard, but it wasn’t taking that long.

I looked back, and decided to re evaluate my numbers. This last week, I have not been focused on hitting a certain calorie goal. Instead, I am focused on burned calories. I have been using MyFitnessPal and Chronometer this week to track. I’ve also been walking each morning. My goal this last week, has been to have greater then a 500 calorie deficit. If this meant I didn’t walk, then that meant I couldn’t eat much. I want to eat more, I need to workout more. haha 🙂

It’s working

So this last week, I am down 6.7 lbs. Apparently, this is working for me. I haven’t dropped this much in awhile! So here we go!

down to 272.9 lbs. Moving he correct direction again.

I have been walking each morning after dropping my son off. There was a couple of days I hit up the treadmill in our complex here. A couple of the days last week, I was under my 500 calorie burned mark vs what I ate. Overall though, I did well.


It is time for a new Nerdfitness 4 week challenge. I have made my thread there. Tateman – It’s my Birthday Challenge!

I setup my goals there to reflect what I have been trying out this last week.

#1 focus on >500 calorie deficit.
#2 Getting in my steps. Also increasing the amount each week.
#3 Get in my workouts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
#4 Make sure I get enough rest.

It seems pretty straight forward. I feel if I am hitting this each week, then I am going to be in a good place.

This Week

I just want to focus on getting all I can done. The year is almost up, and I want to be able to look back, and be amazed at what all has happened. 🙂



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