My Journey to Healthy Me, Day 296

Tuesday is ending now, and overall, things seem to be going well.

My biggest issue is that I did not workout out yesterday. I did however get my steps in.

8,760 step yesterday. My goal this week is to be above 6,000 steps. Bowling helped out some here as well. I did not hit my body weight exercises. I didn’t do any today as well. Tomorrow though, I will get it done!


11:42 PM to 7 AM. 6 hrs 45 mins. 16 x awake for 33 mins. I got in my reading, then headed off to bed. Temperature around here is fluctuating. Sometimes warm, but sometimes getting cooler. I have been waking up being too hot, then trying to get back to sleep.

10/22 MyFitnessPal – 1694 Calories, 19 net carbs. I had higher fat then protein, and my remaining calories was 827. So over my >500 mark.

I did polish off 2 quest bars yesterday. I had ordered the new peppermint bark bars. Before they came in, I had gone to a grocery outlet store. I found they were selling Quest bard for $11.99 a box. I found 3 Quest Hero bars for $0.99. I bought those three as well. I paid the price for 3, that I would pay for one at Target haha. Well, I at one Hero bar. Then later the peppermint bark bar came in. I have been waiting to try it, so I decided to go for it.

I did enjoy the peppermint bark bar, but I feel it was a little weak on the flavor. The peppermint flavor was there, but just not enough for me. Plus, when I think of peppermint bark, I feel more like a solid like chocolate. These are chewy. Still, I will enjoy eating them all 😉 Just felt they missed the mark just a bit.

Mental game
I have felt better this past week or so. There are some stresses going on in my life now. So it is in there in my head. I just have to do what I can do. 🙂

Continue the grind. Get in my steps, and hit my exercise. My kid might be getting sick, so I may not be taking him to school in the morning.

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