My Journey to a Healthy Me, Days 297-316

Wow oh wow. It has been so long since I blogged. It’s one of those I’ll get it tomorrow. Then that turns into 3 or 4 weeks later.

Just to update. I am still going Keto strong. I have been participating in my NerdFitness goals still. Though, I haven’t posted there as often as I wanted too as well. I hope to fix this all as well.

I have been struggling still to lose weight, though maybe I might have started breaking that plateau. The basic idea is to make sure I am at a deficit for the day. I am shooting for a >500 calories deficit. Though this week, I had a few more over eating days. Work in progress.

My Birthday

November 2nd was my birthday. I turned 45.

I have been having the feeling of wanting to run for awhile. So for my Birthday, I decided to test how far I can go. It has been a few years since my 5k. I went over to a track, and did a bit of a walk first to warm up, then started off. I went about a half mile before I had to go back to a walk. Farther then I thought I would make it at least. It does give me some idea that I think I can start running again. (My younger self would have never believed I would want to run, ever)

That night, we went to the San Jose Barracuda hockey game. When we walked in, one of the tank patrol asked if my son would want to take part in the Limbo challenge during the first intermission. Of course he said yes! 🙂

Video of his attempt too:

He needs to work on that form! He had a blast. It was really fun getting to be down there for it.

Then next night, it was time for more hockey! This time the San Jose Sharks Star Wars night.

Food Tracking

I’ve felt that tracking my food has always been a big help to me. It is amazing to see how small a serving size it when you are lookign at packaged items. Back in the day, I’d have a Stoffer’s frozen lasagna all to myself. Then see on the back that it is 4 servings per package.  Things like that, let me know I need to track.

Maybe one day, I will feel more comfortable seeing my portions sizes, but I just like weighing things, and tracking them.

I’ve been using MyFitnessPal for a really long time. I have made a switch though. I am now using Chronometer full time. I don’t get to share out my daily food diary though. But it does have some nice features. It has very specific numbers to show things like b vitamins that you get.

Weight Loss Progress

Down to 269.6 lbs. 95.2 lbs gone this year. I pretty much struggled all last month with weight. This week though, I lost 2.7 lbs. I feel like I am making the break through again. So damn close to that 100 lbs lost number. Feels like it is taking so long! haha.


Past few weeks, I have been stepping up my walking game. With my NerdFitness Challenge, I have been trying to increase step amount each week.

This last week, I was shooting for 7,000 steps per day. I am giving myself one day off.

11/05 – 10349 steps. 60 active minutes.
11/06 – 8960 steps. 78 active minutes.
11/07 – 8752 steps. 69 active minutes.
11/08 – 8302 steps. 43 active minutes.
11/09 – 9453 steps. 85 active minutes.
11/10 – 6172 steps. 44 active minutes.
11/11 – 8345 steps. 77 active minutes.

I almost did the 7,000 steps every day this week. My one day off was still over 6,000. This coming week, I am shooting for 10,000 steps per day. I’m going to have to really work for it!


I had some decent start to working out. Mostly body weight, and some dumbbell stuff. Recently though, it has been a fail. The last week, and this coming week, my sin is on minimum days. Parent teachers conference and all that. In an effort to save some money on Gas, I am saying there around the area while my kid is in school. On benefit is I am getting my walking in. One downfall, is that I haven’t been getting any kind of workouts done. I hope to do at least something this week. No school today, but I have been busy.

Holiday times are approaching!

OK, the real challenge for the year is coming. Thanksgiving, and Christmas for me. This time of year seems to be all the holidays though. I’ve decided for myself, that I will remain Keto. This next week, I have a couple of recipes to try for a sweet potato replacement, and possibly a pie. We are going out of town for Thanksgiving, so I might have to bring a few things just for me. Turkey should be fine, I just have to ignore other items.

Then there is Christmas. We do like to have our sweets here too. I am sure we will have a Honey Baked Ham. So there will be sugars there. It just means I need to watch the portions closely. Then I might just need a few keto deserts to hold me over while others have normal cookies and candies.

It’s just good to start preparing for things like this. I don’t want to be caught in emergency mode of no planning. Much easier to give in that way.


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