My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 16

Today, I am feeling great.

It’s just one of those times you wake up, and everything feels fine. I got up, and went for a small walk today. Nothing impressive. I just got out there and did it. Since I knew it would be a shorted walk, I tried to keep the intensity level higher for the whole walk.

I like walking outside for a couple of reasons. One, you do get some benefit from getting out there and moving. Even, if it is just a little bit. Second, it really puts my mind in a good place. While I walk, I get to think, listen to music, and just observe the beauty of the world around me. Of course it’s not always sunshine and rainbows, but it is what you make of it.

So today, I am feeling emotionally strong.

Monday recap

Yesterday went well. We had a lot of fun at the Hockey game, and my youngest son thought it was awesome that he got to sit on the bench during the warm ups.

I didn’t bow well my last game of the night, but honestly, I always have fun bowling.


MyFitnessPal Food Diary.  1426 Calories, 16 net carbs.  Food was a bit more difficult with family around, and activities. I handled it well though. Wife went to get donuts for everyone. She didn’t get any apple fritters that are my favorite. Still, who doesn’t like a nice sweet donut ;)  Instead I made myself a ham and cheese omelet with some bacon.

Forgot to eat before going to the afternoon game, so I just had a hotdog (no bun), and water there. On the way home, we grabbed Mcdonalds. I had the Bacon Ranch Grilled Chicken salad (no dressing), and a quarter pounder with no bun. I added my own no carb dressing to the salad when I got home. I was a little surprised that the burger had so many carbs still without the bun. I guess that’s why it really is some garbage food there haha.


None done other then what I did walking around at the game. No big deal. We had family over, and had lots to do. Plus I did bowl.


Sleep actually felt good today. My fitbit had a weird upload issue, where it said 2am was my start. I readjusted, and it uploaded this. Says I was awake till 1 am, but I don’t think I was. Anyhow, 12:40 am to 8:47 am. I had woke up a bit earlier, and was trying to get back to sleep, but I was too sore, and there was too much people making noise in the morning.

All in all a good start to this week.


My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 15

Today was a fun day. We celebrated my kids birthdays today and the San Jose Barracuda game.

As a surprise, my wife was able to get her and my youngest son down on the Barracuda bench to watch the warm up.

His friend was down there as well, and they got to interact with a couple of the players.

Once the game was over, I came home to get ready for bowling. I started off ok, but the last game was no good. My how team struggled the last game. I bowled 201, 200, 137. The last game I couldn’t seem to strike, and splits really killed it. Ahh well, that is bowling sometimes.

Weekly recap

It seems that this week, is stall week for me on the weight loss front. Though, I was prepared for it. I had looked up some information from other people doing keto. One of the things mentioned was the stall. Usually you drop a good amount of weight, then the body adapts. You get into a bit of a stall. The most important thing though, is to just keep going.

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353.8 today. Gained 1.6 pounds this week. Still down from my start of 367.6. I’m not freaking out about it. Just a number for me to track. I’m hoping the downward trend picks back up this coming week.


1/08 – 1507 Calories, 18 net carbs
1/09 – 1451 Calories, 15 net carbs
1/10 – 1594 Calories, 15 net carbs
1/11 – 1690 Calories, 17 net carbs
1/12 – 1399 Calories, 14 net carbs
1/13 – 1456 Calories, 17 net carbs
1/14 – 1438 Calories, 18 net carbs

I had some challenges with food this week. Some random impulses. Wanted pizza one day when the wife brought it home. Still, kept it in check. I did keep to under 20 net carbs each day. I just need to continue this on, and the results will come.


1/08 – None
1/09 – 2.78 miles
1/10 – None
1/11 – None
1/12 – None
1/13 – Technically didn’t go out for a walk. I did however walk intentionally around the long way to Costco after my hair cut.
1/14 – None

Not so hot here. I was under my fitbit steps from last week. Things were busy, and my mood wasn’t the greatest a few days. I’m not too worried here as my mood has been much better, and hopefully things won’t be so busy. Will look to improve this in the coming week.


I have done pretty well here. One night was a bit later, so I could finish reading a chapter in my book. One night I didn’t read, and stayed on the computer late. The last couple of days, I have felt like I am sleeping better overall. Still have too much awake time I think.

Low Blood Sugar

My bloodsugars have been running low all week. My doctor had me lower the amount of metformin I take. 2 pills down to one pill. Then she wanted me to let her know the results in 3 days. So I emailed her today, and my numbers are all still low. So she has me stopping all my medication. Next step is for me to get in to get bloodwork done, and we will go from there. I might not be able to get in until Friday. I have an Eye Exam that morning, so I can probably get it in before or after. Of course, I can always just get over there sooner.



My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 14

Today had been a busy one.

I got woken up that my wife was stranded at the Laundromat. The car died. So I needed to get in the other car, that isn’t working too well, and come get her. We had some roadside assistance with our insurance, so we had them come out. Dead battery. They were able to jump start the car, but the battery was in a really bad location. So that meant a trip to a place to replace it. That place was Walmart. We started off with 8 cars in front of us. So we had to do some shopping anyway. About an hour later we were done. The car was not. Still 6 cars in line. So we went home to wait. We then got home to do some cleaning, because my sister in law and her family were coming to stay with us. We dropped off the car at about 9 am, and it wasn’t ready till after 1:30 pm.  Things settled down, but I didn’t get out for a walk.

I cooked some chicken breasts in the pressure cooker. They were done so much faster. Even tasted good.

Hung out with my Sister-In-Law and her family this afternoon. Then did a raid in World of Warcraft.

Saturday recap

Haircut, a bit of walking, Costco, and bowling done.


MyFitnessPal Food Diary.  1456 Calories, 17 net carbs. Overall, not bad. I lived a bit on pork rinds! I didn’t notice any weird cravings, or eating impulses.


No go out for a walk done. I did however walk a bit after my haircut was done. So some bonus points there at least.


Sleep tracked 12:29 pm to 7:50 am. I got to bed when I wanted, but did not read beforehand. I was on the computer later. It seems I could not get to sleep for awhile. Possibly from this. I do recall waking up to adjust my cpap face mask, and roll over. Otherwise, sleep seemed fine. I did get the wake up call from my wife though.

Onward to Monday

I’ll be getting a week 2 summary wrote up. Family is in town, because we are celebrating my kids birthday’s at a San Jose Barracuda game tomorrow afternoon. Both kids have January birthdays, even though they are 12 years apart.

After the game, I will have bowling.

We will see how things go.

My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 13

Today has been a pretty good day overall.

I went this morning and got my hair cut. My wife dropped me off, then took my son to bowling. When I was done, I walked over to Costco nearby. I didn’t take the direct path though, I walked around the block a bit. While not a specific get out there and walk moment, I did still get in a little more walking.

My wife, and son met up with me at Costco. Picked up some items we needed. Then it was time for lunch. We decided on Jersey Mikes again. This time I didn’t get the Big Kahuna in a tub, but found a lesser carb sub in a tub. The #11 Stickball special. Provolone, ham and salami. In a tub, it is 320 calories, 10 carbs, 1 fiber. So better then a 15 carb. I added a little Italian dressing.

Next up was my Match Club bowling. The lanes were a bit tough. Really dry. Splits seemed to be my friend today. I did finally post a good game at the end. 140, 175, 227 for a 542 series. Well below my average. Our team ended up losing just by a few pins. Not sure how we did overall as a club.

I was interested in how much bowling would be a workout. So I set my fitbit in workout mode.

There was some heart rate fluctuations in there. So it isn’t an intense super workout or anything, but still burning some calories.

Day 12 Recap

Overall the day was a win for me. Decent bounce back for myself emotionally. Things feel like they are moving forward.


MyFitnessPal Food Diary.  1399 calories, 14 net carbs. Everything seemed fine with food yesterday. I had lounged around in bed for awhile, so never did get breakfast. Still got in everything. Even had a hot dog at the Hockey game.


Nothing specific happened here for exercise. I’m not too worried about not getting it in. Still, I really want to try to get this going. At least walking every day eventually. Then run again at some point, and start bodyweight workouts. Leading up to that day that I get weights involved again. Just starting with the baby steps again first!


12:51 PM to 8:35 AM. Looks like I didn’t quite make it to bed near my 12:30 window. I was reading, and finished the chapter. I guess it was a bit longer then. Not too worried about it. I did feel like I slept OK during most of the night. Had a bit of awake time before I actually got up.

Day 13 is almost done here. Day 14 will be cleaning, and prepping some food.

My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 12

Today did feel better emotionally for me. I actually didn’t have breakfast today. I stayed around in bed too long. I was sore from sleeping funky, and wasn’t in the best mood when I did get up. Eventually I felt much better, after I took my shower.

Earlier in the day, I went out and did some Pokémon Go raiding. The new Legendary Kyorge raid was release. I made a quick blog with my raid.

Later on, we went to an AHL Hockey game. Our home town San Jose Barracuda, vs the Rockford IceHogs. We lost, but I still had fun. The wife and youngest kid were with me. My son had Nachos, I did not. My son and wife had popcorn, I did not. Thought, popcorn did sound good. My wife had a hot dog, and so did I. Only difference was I threw the bun away, and just had it plain.

Recapping Day 11

Yesterday was rough for me. I stayed the course though. My old brain wanted to fight, and get me to eat candy and pizza. I resisted with baked wings.

The fight will still be on going I am sure, but today was better.

My wife had to work late again, so this meant no Thursday night bowling for me.


MyFitnessPal Food Diary.  1690 Calories, 17 net carbs. Acceptable to me, considering I really wanted to eat other not so keto foods.


Again, I put it off in the morning. Then the wife had to work late. Plus in my mindset, I knew it wasn’t going to get done. Hopefully, as I actually get out there more, this mindset will change. Tomorrow is another day.


Fitbit tracked it as 12:39 am to 8:28 am. I am noticing more and more that I am starting to wake up while my wife is getting ready for work. Today it was enough for me to actually wake up and talk a couple of minutes, before I went back to sleep for a few more minutes. Of course, I slept in a weird position, and this caused me some neck and shoulder pain for awhile.

On to Day 13

Day should be a bit busy. My son bowls at 10am, I am going to try to get a hair cut while he bowls. Next we are going to stop by Costco. One close to the bowling alley that we only go to from time to time.

Once that is done, I will have to get ready for Match Club bowling. I have to be there at 4:30 pm. It is a home match up, so no 45 minute drive or anything.

We also have to get things cleaned up around the house, because we have some family coming into town for my kids birthdays.

In between all that, I need to get food made for myself, and get walking in on both Saturday and Sunday.

My Journey to a Healthy me, Day 11

Well, today had been more of a down day. Woke up today, and really haven’t wanted to do much. I did get dishes done, and a few other things.

I might need to go see the dentist soon. A couple of days ago, after eating some almonds, I started feeling soreness in my tooth. It is the same tooth I had a root canal done a few months back. Yesterday it felt like it was getting better, but today it is worse.

Just a few minutes ago, I was eating. Not because I was hungry though. Today seemed like a tough day for me wanting to break the keto eating. My kid had a piece of candy, and my mouth started watering. Then the last couple of days, my wife has been working late. Today she brought home the leftover lunch. It was pizza and wings. I almost wanted to give in and eat that pizza. It looked so good. I wasn’t hungry, but I had that feeling that I had to eat something. So I chose to eat the oven baked hotwings. They didn’t have any breaded coating or anything, so I figured they would be fine. Just a way to not give into the pizza.

On a good note, my doctor emailed me back. She said I should worry about some of the low numbers I am getting on my bloodsugar testing. She told me to reduce my Metformin pills from 2 down to 1. I still take all the other things. In 3 days, I am to email her with the results.

Day 10 review

Wife had worked late, so I wasn’t able to go out late to walk. I should have taken car of it during the morning, but sometimes the mood just isn’t strong enough. Sleep seemed ok, though I felt really out of it again this morning. I’m beginning to wonder if it is my tooth giving me issues along with low blood sugar.


MyFitnessPal Food Diary.  1594 calories, 15 net carbs. Got in some of those pickles and pork rinds. Didn’t seem to have any certain cravings yesterday.


No exercise done today. I put it off in the morning, and then life happens later on. No walking.


12:39 am to 8:00 am tracked on my Fitbit. I felt like I slept OK, but woke up not feeling all there. I was worried a little about my blood sugar. I recall having a partial dream that I was saying I would eat some chocolate candy to spike my numbers back up. Probably why I had some many cravings today. Plus the issue with my tooth.

For the rest of tonight

Well, it is late already. Time to shut everything down, read for a bit, then get some decent sleep. At least I hope!



My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 10

10 days in, and I feel like I am still doing well. I have felt extremely busy trying to get all the things done. Prepping food, cleaning dishes, buying more food, bowling, gaming, and most important, taking care of the kids.

Today so far I emailed my doctor about my lower blood sugar numbers. My meter keeps screaming at me, so maybe we can discuss a plan to fit my lifestyle now. I also am due for an eye exam. I scheduled that for next week.

I also went out and picked up some pickles and pork rinds today. Just to give me a little something extra. Also grabbed some spinach to mix into my salads.

Day 9 review

Day 9 I woke up not feeling that great. Just tired. Might have been electrolyte imbalance, or me not sleeping well. Still, I got up and went for a walk. Before breakfast, and in the rain.


MyFitnessPal Food Diary.  1451 calories, 15 net carbs. I’m noticing more and more that I don’t really feel hungry that often. I didn’t eat dinner too late. I heated it up and ate while I was raiding in World of Warcraft.


2.8 miles 50 minutes of walking. It wasn’t too bad out. Just mostly rain and a bit cold. I had a nice and wet sweatshirt when I got home.

I was hurting, and not feeling too great in the morning. That all started changing out on my walk. Eventually the pain wasn’t that much, and I started feeling better. It also helped that some great songs came on. EMPD – You Gots to Chill was the song that did it today for me.

I’ve always found music can be a great motivator for me. It might be time to build myself a walking playlist again.


12:33 am to 7:40 am. Sleep felt fine until the wife gets ready for work. I do recall turning a few times last night, but it wasn’t horrible. I was going to try to continue sleeping, but I was stirred awake too much.

For tonight

I have some things to do with guildmates in World of Warcraft, but afterwords, I need to get a walk in.