My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 196

I had match club today, and this time I bowled better. First game was a 277. Of course, I struggled the other two games a bit, but overall, much much better.

While I was bowling, my wife built up the desk for my youngest. When I got home, I setup his computer. He was pretty excited when he saw it all setup.

We also got notification that next Thursday, the management will be entering the place to do their annual pest spraying. I guess this happens every 6 months. So we will have to move everything away from the walls, and have everything unplugged. The stuff they spray in the walls is bad for people and animals. They say 2-4 hours after they are done, we can come back in. I hope tomorrow, we can get a closer time to when they will actually be coming. The paper just says 9:30 am to 5 pm. Like what am I suppose to do all day long with my kids, and animals. If it was just the kids, no big deal. Hand at a park or something all day. We can still sort of do that, only I will have cats in the car. Plus, what about eating? So yeah, what a pain. I hope I can get something close to like “Yeah, we will be there at x time” then at least I know I just have to do something around then vs the entire day.


07/14 MyFitnessPal – 1815 Calories, 23 net carbs (11 net carbs minus the quest stuff). Eating done with in my time period. Looks like I am easily hitting 11 am for starting off. Sometimes I am not even all that hungry. I just know I want to get in a couple of meals.

12:12 am to 8:00 am. 6 hrs 48 mins. 15 x awake for 1 hr.

I was running late, but I did get everything done in time to get off to read. Then, I got to bed right afterwards. I do have a feeling that the light coming form the window is making me wake up earlier then I want. I might need to look into those sleeping masks to wear. We can’t put up curtains.


Time to go pick up my glasses from LensCrafters. Then I think I will need to get to hanging some shelves up.

My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 195

Real late update for today. Nothing major was done around the house. I have match club this afternoon, and I really bowled bad. Like I was embarrassed. Tomorrow is another day though, and I will see if I can redeem my bowling tomorrow. Hooray for no driving on this one too. Just down the street.

We ordered shelves for a few rooms from IKEA. They came in today, and they were damaged up. Apparently they don’t believe in putting any kind of protective padding in there or anything. So now to decided if the damage can be worked with, or do we need to figure out a return process.

Intermittent fasting has been going well since I started it back up. No real complaints. I still wonder if one of these days I should go 24 hours or more, just to see how I do. Even the smaller window I have done it is has helped me.


07/13 MyFitnessPal – 1682 Calories, 26 carbs (14 carbs if use the Quest bar theory) Eating is going well for IF. 12:30 pm to 5:30 pm yesterday.


12:09 am to 7:35 am. 6 hrs 22 mins. 16 x awake for 1 hr 4 mins. Still feeling that restless sleep a bit. I think it is just too warm for me, and last night my wife had to have the tv on forever. It seems sounds and lights bug me like that when I am trying to get to sleep. Also got my reading done as well.


More bowling! Will raid in World of Warcraft with my guildmates. Will have to see if I can get some stuff done around the house too.



My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 194

I did the smallest amount of working out today. Part of the NerdFitness Academy page is to give you exercise goals. So there are a few to do to Calibrate your custom game. It basically gamifies working out. You level your character there by accomplishing goals. There is even a boss battle when you do some workouts. Today I did the calibration test, or at least what I could. Now I have the workout portion setup, and just waiting on me to start.

Moving in is slow going. We were suppose to get in some wall shelves today, but it seems like it was delayed until tomorrow. I bowl both days this weekend with Match Club. It will be a little struggle to get them all up. At least I want to try for some.


07/12 MyFitnessPal – 1709 Calories, 17 net carbs (15 minus Erythritol) First meal around 11:30 am, last meal at 4:30 pm. I had the Birthday cake Quest bar. It wasn’t as good as others. I have a bunch of different ones to try, I should make a tasting video. 😉


12:13 am to 7:35 am. 6 hrs 41 mins. 11 x awake for 41 mins. Again I get woke up early! Actually, I was a bit restless last night. Also had some leg cramps in the morning, I am guessing I need to get my electrolytes in check. I also read on time last night.

I ended up signing up for Amazon Kindle unlimited program. It is $10 a month, but the first 3 months I get for 0.99 cents a month. I figured I would give it a try.


Busy day tomorrow. I have Match Club to bowl. It is local this time, so no far drives at least. Then I should get those shelves in. Hopefully, I can get a few hung up.


My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 193

Not a whole lot done today. I got a towel rack hung up at least. 😉

Weight loss wise, I don’t think I have been losing much. It might be the quest bars. At least, I had suspicions about them when I wasn’t tracking. I have a few to get through, but maybe instead of one a day, I need to space it out more. I’ll see more at weeks end how things have gone.

Today I signed up for the NerdFitness Academy program. They were having a 50% off sale (ends at midnight 7/12/18) I figured why not go ahead and buy in. I have wanted to for a long time. This at the very least will give me easy access to workout videos and such that can use.


07/11 MyFitnessPal – 1746 Calories, 32 net carbs (16 with the sugar alcohols subtracted). Eating done after 11 am, and finished before 5:30 pm.

I’ll have to see how I am at the end of the week to determine if I need to make these foods less a part of my life. I have been feeling like I need to get back to basics. No more convenience foods. We shall see.


12:17 am to 8:06 am. 6 hrs 36 mins. 15 x awake for 1 hr 13 mins. Last few days I get to sleep on time, but I keep waking up super early. Hopefully, I start settling in better. Could be the heat, or maybe extra light coming in our window. I did get to reading (almost too late), and off to bed when I wanted. Kindle is working out well at the moment.


More moving in stuff. I may try to go hit up the store for a few items, but we will see.


My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 192

I got in some work today. Got a lot done in my older son’s room today. Once the shelves come in, then I will be done in there.

Food wise, I seem to be doing ok. Though eating some of this Quest bars make me wonder if it will stall me. Mostly because there are so many carbs in then bars.

I had a hero bar today that says 4 net carbs. Looking at the package though, it looks more like 20 net carbs (16 if you subtract the Erythritol). I looked it up, and apparently the allulose they use can’t be digested by humans. It just tastes sweet. They claim 12 grams of it has to be labeled as Sugars. So 30 carbs, minus 10 fiber, minus 12 allulose, minus 4 eryhritol gives you 4 net carbs. Is this really true though? I guess I will see. 🙂 I had the Blueberry cobbler hero bar today. I do have to say it was pretty good. I just worry that I will be to high total carbs with these types of quest bars.


07/10 MyFitnessPal – 1617 Calories, 14 net carbs (12 if you subtract the erythritol) I didn’t start eating until 1 pm, and finished about 5 pm. I had a few things to do during the day, so I figured it would be easy to expand my fast until then.


12:10 am to 7:45 am. 6 hrs 37 mins. 17 x awake for 58 mins. I did get to bed last night on time, and I read as well. Tried out my new Kindle paper white. It wasn’t too bad. I started reading the Bobiverse series. I hope to give the Kindle a few days to see if it annoys me or not. It didn’t seem to effect me wanting to get to sleep.


Moving in is really the focus these days. I will have bowling as well. I am starting to look up more dumbbell workouts. I might start off with a few of those mixed in with body weight workouts. Soonish I hope. I’m also ready to get some cooking done.


My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 191

Back to the grind today.

I did get some shelves and other items ordered, so soon I’ll be making some progress on setting up in the apartment. I also got some chores done today that needed to get done. Progress! 🙂



07/09 MyFitnessPal – 1773 Calories, 19 net carbs (17 if I subtract the sugar alcohols). I did start eating until 10:45 am ish, and was done by 5:30 pm. Hit what I wanted to here. Once I am back to my normal self, I will focus more on my numbers. I’l have to get those fat bombs going again. 😉


Sleep wasn’t as successful as I wanted.

12:58 am to 9:04 am. 7 hrs 4 mins. 18 x awake for 1 hr 2 mins. I ended up ordering things online with my wife, which was over about 11 pm. I still had to get my blog post in though. So I wrote that. I could have been to bed on time at least, but I just did other things. I’ll be better tonight. I ordered a refurbished Kindle paper white from the Amazon prime day pre-launch. $30 off refurbished ones. I’ll give it a try here in a few minutes to see how I like reading before bed with it.


The plan for tomorrow is to get a monitor setup in the older kids room, and get my younger son’s PC setup out here. I’ll have to build the little desk, and go through a couple of boxes, but I will get there. Other items should be here on Friday, so this weekend will mean setting that stuff up.

My Journey to a Healthy Me, Days 170 – 190

Oh man, has it really been 20 days since I blogged?

These last few weeks have been kind of a blur. We did get all moved out of the house. Everything ended up going fine with that. I definitely got my work in. I had one day that fitbit said I did 35 flights of stairs. That is a lot of carrying boxes up stairs!

My wife started work today. She is a temp to hire position, so it doesn’t really relieve the stress yet. I think she will do fine there and get hired in soon.

Now that we got the move out done, we have to move in! haha. I have a list of items I need to get done. So many packed up boxes to get unpacked. Things to hang up.

With all this, I have been doing my best to keep ketoing on. Though, I think I knocked myself out of ketosis the last couple of weeks. I started getting weird hunger hits, and had some swelling pop up. Not enough food options for me. I did my best with Quest bars and such, but I think it ended up being too many carbs still. At least I didn’t give in and get really bad food. I had a real craving for some King Eggroll Chinese food.

Weight Loss

With moving, came all the stresses of me not tracking, or even weighing myself. My fitbit aria scale isn’t communicating through the Comcast router, so I hope to get that fixed soon. I did use the scale today to see I was at 300.9 lbs. So I gained some weight back. Hopefully now, I can drop it right off.


The next round of NerdFitness 4 week challenge is on. I made my post over there earlier today. Tateman Moves in and gets settled

I made a few goals there to help get me back on the ball. Mostly the same things I have been doing so far.

This week

I am getting myself back into my good habits. Plenty to do around the house to keep my busy. I want to also think about workout routines. I don’t want to try starting one this week, but soon. Maybe once we are settled in more. The apartment complex has a bit of a gym. So I can figure out some exercises to do with the limited equipment they have. I’ll be getting myself back to posting each day again too. 🙂